5 Reasons WordPress Is the Best Solution for Your Website

Exceptional Media builds all our sites on WordPress.  A common question is “why?  Why rely on a software to build a website?”

Well, here are our 5 reasons WordPress is the best solution for your website

#1 – It’s Secure

Exceptional Media LLC - Why We Build in WordPress

Let’s just start out with the scariest part: security.  The LAST thing you want is for your site to get hacked.  Whether its accessing your customer database or editing your site to redirect users, having a site hacked is a nightmare.  WordPress updates frequently to minimize the risk.  There are also a number of options that allow for continuous site monitoring and more stringent security.

Here’s the thing, the technology of websites changes over time, much like the technology on your phone.  Another thing that’s changing all the time is website security.  Could we build a site from scratch?  Sure, but it’s going to take longer, cost more, and it’s not going to readily keep up with changes in technology or security.  It only really makes sense to do for large companies that can hire a full time staff to stay on top of it all, and even most large companies that are building their own sites from scratch are contracting out with other companies that specialize in security.

#2 – Flexibility

WordPress doesn’t force your site to look one way or another.  You can build pretty much anything you want.  You want a website that’s just one page with continuous scroll?  You got it.  You want a page with tabs at the top to take you to one category or another?  That’s fine too.  Need a contact form or a pop up window?  Sure.

#3 – e-Commerce

If you want to run an online store, WordPress is definitely a good way to go.  Their number one e-commerce plug in is called “WooCommerce”.  WooCommerce is the biggest, most dominant player in the online sales market, taking about 22% of market share, the largest for any company.  WooCommerce is trusted and reputable and the way to get there is through WordPress.

#4 – Search Engine Optimization

Exceptional Media LLC - Austin, TX SEO ServicesWordPress sites have access to some of the best tools for SEO.  Within your site dashboard, you can quickly and easily control the text that appears on searches, analyze the effectiveness of the keywords you’re using, and even speed up the processing of your site to make it more search engine friendly.

#5 – It’s Easy To Learn

WordPress isn’t the easiest thing straight out of the box and there are a number of things that pros know to utilize to make it better.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try and build a killer site from scratch on their own if they don’t have some experience or knowledge.  That being said, the beauty of WordPress is that it’s very easy to learn how to manage the basic day-to-day maintenance on the site.  Your site should always be yours, which means it should be built in a way that’s simple for you to take over at any time.  WordPress combines the features needed for an amazing site, with the simplicity required for a busy professional to maintain it.

Ready for your own WordPress site?  Let’s talk about your next steps.