Hi!  I’m Christine, and I’m the fingers at the keyboard of Exceptional Media.

Exceptional Media’s origins trace back to the dark days of the Internet…somewhere around 1998.   If you’re old enough, you probably remember the slow loading, boxy images, and well…crummy content.  I was a Junior in high school that year and I was required to spend several hours a week in the school’s computer lab with no directive of what to do with my time.  I did however, have a history report that had to be typed.

A decision was made: instead of just printing a boring report, I used my hours in the computer lab researching how to program in HTML.  So at 16, I logged in to a site called angelfire and built a page to host my history report.  Two birds, one stone.  I got an A.

Since then, I’ve built, fixed or created volumes of content for more sites than I can count, and I never thought much of it.  As I went along, I learned more about marketing, YouTube, Google Ads, search engine optimization, branding, and messaging.  In early 2019, I realized that I could fuse my talent for building secure, search-engine friendly, content-rich websites with my love of helping people to start a career that would be personally satisfying.  What’s better than doing something you enjoy and knowing you’ve helped somebody?  Exceptional Media was born.

Why name it Exceptional Media?  Because I’m here to help with all the digital media tricks I’ve learned over the years.  As a small business owner, you don’t want just any services; you want the services you pay for to be exceptional.  I’m here to offer exceptional sites, exceptional SEO, exceptional hosting, and always exceptional service. Contact me here, email, or give me a call at (512) 921-9181 and we can begin our exceptional partnership.